About the Wisconsin Network for Research Support

The Wisconsin Network for Research Support (WINRS) works at the intersections of health, equity, and community to facilitate the contribution of patient and community voice in health sciences research. We do this to shrink the distance between the research enterprise and community wisdom to accelerate progress toward a more just world.

WINRS is an innovative and nationally-recognized technical assistance and facilitation resource based in the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Nursing. Since 2010, we have offered a suite of consultation services to address a persistent challenge for researchers here on campus and across the country:

How do we offer meaningful and effective engagement opportunities in the research process, especially for those from under-represented or under-served communities?

Your specialty is research. Our specialty is maximizing patient and community voice.

We work in collaboration with standing groups of paid community advisors, including two Madison-based groups of Community Advisors on Research Design and Strategies (CARDS) and two Boards of Older Adult Advisors (BOAAs) from rural and urban areas.

Consider strengthening your project by engaging our team as thought partners. We now offer up to 20 hours of FREE consultation for any engaged research or advisory board project.

WINRS services: Proposal development

  • Review and offer recommendations for recruitment strategies and stakeholderengagement plans
  • Provide a letter of support with a detailed scope of work and budget

WINRS services: Stakeholder engagement

  • Develop tailored orientation sessions for community and patient advisors
  • Co-design and facilitate effective stakeholder advisory board meetings
  • Share resources on engaged research to benefit research teams

CARDS and BOAAs: Feedback from community advisory groups

  • Offer recommendations at each stage of the research process, including topic selectionand research prioritization, design and conduct of research, and dissemination andimplementation of results
  • Provide plain-language editing of public-facing materials such as recruitment flyers,consent forms, surveys, interview & focus group questions, websites, & smartphone apps

Contact for More Information

We look forward to connecting with you. Learn more about us at https://winrs.nursing.wisc.edu/.

Mariana Garcia, PhD, PMP, Project Manager; mbgarcia@wisc.edu

Kim Neuschel, BS, RN, Community Engagement Facilitator; kneuschel@wisc.edu

Kat Phelps, PhD, Team Lead and Engaged Research Consultant; kephelps@wisc.edu